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RD 2 Feb 2020

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On 22-01-2020 I took a job from AKT Enterprise..job is about typing captchas.They insisted me that I have to type 7000 captchas within 7 days with 90% accuracy or else I have to pay them RS.5100 with interest.I`ve also got a soft copy of that contract typed in Rs.100 non judicial court paper telling the same.I have send my picture and a picture of my signature (I did not manually sign any contract) as well as the picture of my Aadhar Card.They assured me that the work will be very easy and they have a huge number of customers doing this work and none of them have failed.But that was not the case.The job was impossible to complete because there was many technical errors within the app which prevent anyone from completing the job like we could not tell the difference between i, l and | (Slash), and many more errors like unable to login etc.They also provided a complain department phone number but when I call them they were either busy or switched off.For this reason I coundn`t even contacted them about my problem.At the end I could not complete the job and now they are blackmailing me to pay Rs.8100 with interest; or they will file a legal case against me.Now as I`ve denied to pay them the money (As at this moment I got to understand that it was a fake contract) so they send me a soft copy of an advocate notice charging me that I`m "liable Under Indian Contract Act 1872 and other provisions according to law"(screenshot included).They are constantly blackmailing me and I`m scared now.Now I searched online about these jobs and AKT enterprise and found out that this company is fraud as I saw a complains against this company.I am mentally exhausted from their blackmailing.Please help me to escape from this trap..Please help me to get out of this difficult situation. Blackmailing phone number: +918758575137

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