Akt enterprise captcha - I was cheated

RD 13 Jan 2020

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My name is kavyashree...on 4 th i got a message from akt enterprise to my watsapp .... I had to type 7000captcha in 7 days ....they asked my voter id email and alternative number .... They sent me an agreement in that if i dont finiah i had to give 5100 ruppes for them i asked the fellow about the agreement he said it`s not for madam u don`t take tension if u find it difficult u tell me i will cancel the registration so i sent the photo and sign which i dint sign manually ...then on 7th i searched in Google i found that there s soany complaint was filed on this company... So i message dthat fellow and said to cancel my registration that fellow did not respond i called him so many times nobody responded .... I emailed them there was no response i called their helpline it was switched off on 8th also i messaged so many times he used to see my messy but no reply then he blocked me from whatsaapp ....so many calls i did nobody took my call....i did not download tha application neither i logged in.... Next day again when i sent email on 9th a lady called me and said if i have to cancel i have to pay 5100 ..... Please help me out .... It is bothering me very much ... Please take me out from mental trauma please help me

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