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Arfeen Khan and team - Refund of part payment

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  Duru Lad on 2 Jan 2020

The complaint has been copied from my email sent to Arfeen Khan team. I spoke to Garima(support team) about refund, she clearly denied and have asked to buy their programs or products instead. Would need guidance for actuating legal action against the team. This is regard to enrolling for CTF Program for which workshop was conducted in hotel Holiday Inn Mumbai on 15th December 2019. Myself Duru Lad who have paid by debit card Rs. 100000 for registering on having a word with Arzoo. On my discussion with Jay, I clearly told him that I am an insurance agent and not working full time anywhere. It is difficult for me to arrange for money as there is no other source of income. He advised me to apply for loan and interest can be manageable for 3 months. He also sent me contact where I can approach for loan. I told him that I will check with my relatives and arrange for balance payment. I have explained my sister about the program but she is not ready to provide financial support. I spoke to Arzoo and Madhu about this. Madhu informed that unless and until I pay balance amount I won`t be getting access to program. Please try and understand my situation that I am a divorcee and my daughter is studying in SYBA. I stay with my sister and my Dad, who is 93 years. I have to spend 10 to 15k for household expenses. If I have to take a loan then it will be difficult for me to manage the interest amount too. I am right now not in a situation to apply for loan and repay the same without having any source of income. I apologize for the same and would not be continuing for the CTF Program, thereby request yourselves to consider my situation and refund my money at earliest.

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