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Astech Technology - Getting threatening calls and messages by a fraud company

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  Mohd Faraz khan on 12 Jun 2019

I got a call regarding a home based job. In which there is 12000 captchas to be entered in 12 days with 90% accuracy. I started working. App showed me 1000 total captcha done. Next day it showed me 600 captchas done. I shocked seeing that and contacted customer care. No proper response given by them. And next server is very slow, it is taking more time from 1 captcha to another captcha. And when the given time period got over i am getting a call from a so called lawyer named as Adv. Rahul parmar Then I got doubt and checked in Google about company somebody wrote it is fraud company and then I called to quit my work. And they are demanding for penalty of 6000. Before starting my work they clearly told me that they would cut from my salary but now they were threatening me by call and MSG`s. They are asking for 10000 . As I student I am unable to bear this charges They are threatening me day and night. Plz help me out from this situation.

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