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RD 22 Feb 2020

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Sir,my name is Sibsankar Mondal.I did the insurance picture from the bank account opening,But then you said that I would have to pay money to bring you a plane ticket insurance.I could not pay the GST money for the banner instrument you were bringing, so you could not come for it.Then I applied for a refund. You said that with GST, the money would come out immediately within an hour but I didn`t have the money.But then you said that if you wait 3 to 6 months then your money will come out.Money is not really saying GST to pay again but I have nothing I now live in a rented house with my own mortgage. Please help me if I get my house back. I did a Bankmitra application online. i completed all their processes. those officers had to bring me their own money, I gave them plane tickets and their insurance they could not pay his GST for the things he was bringing. You said you not be able to come without GST money. That`s why I said I woulden`t take the CSP and wanted my money back. I paid 3 lakh 26 thousand rupees. please help me get my money

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