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BANK MITRA PVT .LTD. - complaining against Mr SUBODH KUMAR PANDEY(Enployee Bank Mitra Pvt.Ltd) and Mr Vivek Kumar Agnihotri( Employee Bank Mitra Pvt.Ltd) regarding frauding of money.

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  Thakdue Bellai on 29 Nov 2019

Dear Sir, once time , I applied CSP online on Bank Mitra.But later on ,one person called me on this no.+917596889322,and he said that I am Mr Subodh Kumar Pandey ,Bank mitra representative from bank mitra Pvt.Ltd which is from Rdb boluvered building 8th EP & GP floor,sector-5 salt lake,Kolkata,west Bengal-700091,india.(Kolkata Branch).After long conversation he sent me instruction and kiosk banking form from info@cspbankmitraservice.com.He told that `fillup the form after that you call me`, I filled the form then I phone dialed him and he call me send the filled form on company email,,the form sent on company email. After that he asked me CSP registration fee amount which Rs 3600/-,you can deposit on Bank Mitra A/C no.38639222927 IFSC code SBIN0002017.Then I paid Rs 3600/- from my bhim upi account. Again he asked me Rs 12000/- is fee for to complete registration with VLE registration and Some tool provide you.Again I paid Rs 12000/- slip was sent him on one of whatsapp no +919748783654( this no is provided by Sobudh Kumar Pandey). All registration fee is completed then he sent another one form which is OD ACCOUNT OPENING FORM.he told me that OD account opening form fill up will be help you my senior which name is Vivek Kumar Agnihotri from same address with Subodh Kumar Pandey. OD ACCOUNT FORM fill up with help of V.K Agnihotri,this OD account limit option is Rs 50000/-,RS 100000/-, Rs 150000/-, Rs 200000/-, Rs 300000/- and maximum Limit Rs 500000/- then I chose Rs 50000/- limit. After that I not sent amount Rs 500000/- for 2 days,then both Sobudh Kumar Pandey and Vivek Kumar Agnihotri are again and again request for deposit Rs 50000/- for OD account settlement,the Account will be opening under 24 hours so deposit amount to your work pending to be successful.later on I deposited amount Rs 50000 for successful work but after one day I received Sms ` your OD account is not successful due to your limit is small`. Then I told that i am not working with Bank mitra Pvt Ltd due to financial crisis, disbelief on both their ability etc. so Please refund me. Sobudh kumar Pandey again and again pressure me one more Rs 50000/- for extent your OD account limit but I already told that I donot want to working with you or your comnpany. Therefore I request you look into matter above mentioned and help me to get refund total amount RS 65600/- . This is kind information such type fraud, misappropriate and misleading person will be need to punishement as per appropriate law of Indian penal code yours sincerey Thakdue Bellai Mobile No 8415092600 Email. thakduebellai@gmail.com SBI Account Name Thakue Bellai A/C no.31452325402 IFSC:SBIN0007707 Enclosed: 1. Details Of S.K Panday 2. Details of V.K Agnihotri 3. Bank transaction slip of Thakdue Bellai 4.Other Miscellaneuous

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