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Bharat Filing Service - LEARNER LIECENCE FEES

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  Keshav Jasrasaria on 12 Feb 2020

The website was supposed to provide me a service of applying for the driving license for which no charge is needed. The website got me into paying an amount of Rs.1950 for applying for the license. After calling them for asking about the receipt for my payment, they started making their website issues...and that they are not able to send the mail to me due to some connectivity issues. The contact number is valid but they do not pick up the calls since very long. After I got informed from the state RTO about the payment to be made...they said that the site is not supposed to charge any sort of fees from me. So i consider this as a fraud website charging inappropriate fees for the license. Further i had to pay a sum of Rs. 350 in the RTO office for processing for the license. Attached screenshots of the mails received and the payment made.

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