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Callcenteprojects.com - Unethical business by callcenteprojects.com

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Sr Sreekanth on 21 Nov 2019

We signed up for telecalling service business and recruitment business with them paying 25000 rupees in September 2019. We were promised 25 leads per day at minimum. The leads were supposed to be verified and of interested customers. This was explained by the sales team. We were specifically told that it is not a cold calling job where the callers are blindly supposed to call the given numbers. We were informed that they collect numbers through their advertising channels. However, right from the first day, the leads were random numbers of people who were not even remotely a probable customer. Bulk lots of mobile numbers of places like garages, taxi service, flower shops, beauty parlour etc were sent to us. Moreover, there is no system. No one gives any kind of training, or process handover. It is impossible to make even a rupee of business through these. The HR process is another fraud. They keep sending repeated CVs of ramdom candidates to match very low profile needs. We started getting the same CVs everyday. Once they receive money, your countdown starts. They very systematically fool you. I have tried contacting the support team, they are useless. Then I got a call from some supposed to be executive promising us a face to face meeting with their management. Now they don`t attend any calls. They don`t respond to any emails. They don`t have any direct numbers. They will only provide Virtual number with extensions, which they will never pick. We have demanded a refund of all our expenses. But they have been ignoring our emails. I need help in filling a complaint at the consumer dispute forum to help me get my compensation for the deficiency in their service and mental torture they have given us, cheating us on our livelihood. I also want the responsible authority to put a stop to these people to avoid cheating many more people. Because they claim they are doing everything as per the contract. However it is a planned cheating. I have complete artifacts in the form of WhatsApp chats, phone records, emails sent to them, to show how irresponsible they are and how they avoid helping the customer after the customer signs up for services

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