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Capitaindiapvtltd - Data Entry — remuneration non - payment / app fee return at least

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  Ravula Subba Rao on 3 Feb 2020

Dear team, It is unfortunate to state that data entry concerns are encashing the situation by just giving advts in so called job portals etc. By virtue of this may people anticipating good amount are paying them their har earned amounts, eventually with their malice intention they are least bothered to attend the vows of the candidates. If at all they attend any calls, they give only false promises. The captioned company perhaps is only a silhouette of a uk based company. They are sucking the blood and what not from the poor candidates by showing / or telling all false information. I paid the requisite amount and executed the project and they accepted with 97%+ accuracy and also declared incentive sort of amount and final touch is they are asking me to pay gst of Rs.8000/- for release of the amount. They need to pay Rs.51K as per their mail. GST is not applicable to an individual whose turnover is less than Rs.20.00 lakhs and i mentioned the same but to of no avail. Subsequently they blocked my number and even not responding to my mails. At lease if they refund the application fee i shall be happy. If you can guide me further shall be more grateful. The website given in the respective column is not working for the past 10 days. I also sent a mail to one of the higher up about this ficticious company running with the same name and requested him to lodge a complaint with respective authorities. Capitaindiapvtltd@gmail.com

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