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Coolwinks - Coolwinks fraud on 100% money back

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  Kenil Maniya on 5 Jun 2019

May 2019 I ordered 2 eyewear and the offer was 100 percent money-back after 14 days of delivery if I ordered it on amount above 1500. So I ordered it ..I also confirmed before and after the ordered had placed from its customer care representative ..they said I am eligible ...now after 14 days they say I`m not eligible for 100 percent cashback! All is they cheated me ...its price is almost 2000 rupees for one eyewear ...and I have lost my 4000 rupees in this fraud ! And from another account I had paid from Paytm of somewhat 1553 rupees that also they haven`t given me ...which also I had confirmed that it is eligible for 100 percent cash back ...please help me take my almost 5500 rupees back from them!

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