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Csr- Captcha work companyy - Blackmailing and harassment by csr company

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  Nikita ingole on 6 Aug 2019

Csr — csr fraud company threatening for money. Hello sir, I am md Nikita from Nagpur I got a call on 22/07/2019 from a person and told me that i can earn 17500 for 10days work (Online captcha filling). He send me an agreement in mail. He continuously called me and forced me to sign the agreement, send i`d proof to his whatsup number. On the same day i got anthor call from a lady telling it`s a verification call from company. She says i should complete the work with 90%accurecy, if i fail to complete the work i should pay 5,100 as the penalty. They initially dint said single word about penalty after signing agreement they said. I called back to the person and also send messages to him. But from there side no reply. I waited 1days and got user name and password in mail. After that i searched csr online captcha filling in google, i found its a fraud company and thretening for money. I tried reaching them via calls and messages but no reply. On 06/08/2019 i got a call and mail saying that he is an advocate MRS. SIMRAN SHARMA She is thretening for money. If i fail to pay the money he will file a case against me. I getting mail calls and messages from their side to pay the money. So please help me from this fraud people. I`m not only the one suffering with csr fraud people, so many are facing problem with them. So please take necessary action against them so that they can`t cheat any one next time. Please help me to come out of this fraud people.

Complaint has been resolved sucessfully.


Anupam Kaushal 6 months ago

How was your complaint resolved? What should I do? I have the same problem.

Nikita ingole reply on comment, 6 months ago

Give me your Mail added

Shailesh Sharma reply on comment, 5 months ago

they r blackmailing me plz contact me (sharmashailesh347@gmail.com)

Shivam Kansal 5 months ago

How was your complaint resolved? What should I do? I have the same problem. please help me also. my email id is ujjwal.kansal1999@gmail.com

Akash 5 months ago

same problem, how u solved this issue my id- akashdeane@gmail.com

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