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  Tarun Negi on 2 Sep 2019

Sir, CSR company called me for online work , I agreed to do that work , and they send me agreement . They said they will mail me work and I have to respond to that work but nothing such happen, they don`t send any mail , I called in CSR they said your profile is not uploaded and it will get 9-10 days to upload an profile, so I get relaxed . I was continued follow up from CSR but they didn`t respond me , I called them and what`s app them , now suddenly advocate Joshi (9638587375)called from Aurangabad , said that a case has filed against me , if you want to disclose this then you have to pay panelty, I said what is panelty amount he said 7550 rupees, I told him that I didn`t received any work related mail and panelty is of 5100 in contract then he said if you want to withdraw case you have to pay otherwise your case will get registered, Because I got afraid I pay him money ,he said tomorrow we will create another user id and password you had to work again , I said I do not want to work against this company please cancel my contract then he take total 30 K amount from me and said he had clear all the contract that is written in agreement, after that he said some advocate will call from Delhi for the confirmation of same you have to answer this ,I said ok , Now when other advocate (call he said your case has cleared from civil court but still in rtgs(9175856328)he said something like this) and said in order to clear this I had to pay 29 k and I remain shocked I had already pay 30 K and he wanted 29 k more . They are continually calling me , when I start unresponse to them they said we have registered your case and police will come up and pick you and send me msg which is attached in file , Sir I am helpless now ,please clear this . They said police will handle me


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