CSR - CSR fraud agreement

RD 13 Dec 2019

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Respected sir/madam I Pradeep Jat would like to draw your kind attention that I get a call from the CSR company located at Latur Maharashtra 413510 for a part-time work the job description is to fill up a 10000 captcha within 10 days and they will pay 17500 for that after deducting 5100 as processing so they make an agreement forcefully with me and then their executives are not available to talk with me for further assistance like they assist before making an agreement after 12 days they call me and threatening me that the aforementioned company take a suit against me and I have to pay ₹5100 immediately to settle the case otherwise I have to pay ₹60000 to settle the case if there is delay in payment. They are playing with the profession of advocates it is a grave concern they try to malign/defame the advocate profession So I am urging you, sir, to take stern action against the aforesaid company so that no one can get harassed or became a victim of the conspiracy of the fraudulent company in future Thanking you Yours faithfully Pradeep Jat

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