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datasolutions - data solutions -fraud data entry job

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  Lakshmi devi irrinki on 21 Mar 2020

the company gave me 200 images and those i had convert pdf to world file and after that the qc report released by company through msg ie., 93.33% accurate and then they called me and said that you earned 43000 salary for 200 images but they and asked total approx 8000Rs to unlock my paypal business account. i have paid the amount then they switched off all the contact numbers. they cheated me took above 8000rs money


Sameena kadher 2 weeks ago

Hi Lakshmi mam , the same happened to me with data solutions. Their number is switched off now !!!

Lakshmi devi irrinki reply on comment, 2 weeks ago


reply on comment, 2 weeks ago

Contact roya lspata @ gmail .com

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