Effizent seele Pvt Ltd - Regarding Refund Amount Do To Not Proper Service Banking Portel

RD 11 Jan 2020

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My name is Jeeveshwar Jha.I signed a facility center with Effigent, in September2019. My facility code is BR,0244 but since we have signed a contract, our banking service has never worked properly. We always reported our problem to the banking department but So far our problem has not been solved, still my thirty five to forty thousand rupees have been stuck on the banking portal for twenty days. the branch manager Plak does not back our call & No Slove our problem is resolved, please help either to get the service right or the amount which was put in our contract with the present Blance updates are done in my wallet, get all refunds done so that I can work by contracting with another company.Thanks

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