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ELECTRON - Electron-Threatening

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Ni Nilesh R. Mali on 4 Jan 2020

N.R.M. on 4 Jan 2020 I started working for this company on 19 December 2019 in which i had to fill 1200 forms in 8 days. They asked for my aadhar photo and they send an application for signing. I signed it and she said to uninstall the application and i did. After she said the company will call me and i had to say yes for everything they ask. I did exactly as they said and after they gave me lohin id and password. I started working and completed all the forms and submitted. But after someone my report came telling my qc is failed. After i recieved several calls from 6359812969 demanding money. I received email and sms also saying if i don`t pay they will file case against me. After i recieved another email from an advocate named ADV MINHAZ blackmailing to pay 13900 rupees. http://survey-report.us/ this is the website And i realized this is fraud company when i searched online and saw various complaints. This is the same company but they are providing different names to different people. Today again i recieved a text saying that they will report CIBIL. Please take action against such fraud companies. Please help me

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