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Eon tech, dhule road -Maharashtra - Asking money after every 3 to 4 days

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  Himanshu jain on 31 May 2019

I got a call from the company name eon tech on 6 th of may 2019 and they said that they will provide me home based work in which i can earn lot of money then she said that i dont need to pay money before and after i submit my work on time they will deduct their charges and will pay the remaining amt.and then next day provided me 1500 forms in which 90 percent accuracy was must i completed my work with full dedication and submitted the work on time...then after two days they send me mail that my work or i can say quality check report was failed...i was really shocked to see that...and after 2 hours on same day i got a call from deepak patil who introduced himself to me as an advocate... and asked me to pay 7520 rs. I askek him why then he told because i can not complete my work with accuracy which was required then i told him that the amt. Which was written in the document was 4500. Rs. Then why 7520. Then he told that as i did not pay that amt to company this case is filled with court so it inclusive of all legal expenses... which i paid...then after 3 days they call me and asked me to pay 20510 rs... as deposit to continue ur work or 15500 to cancel the contract...and i thought this time i will work more sincerely inorder to get my money back i had given them my savings ..as i have no other choice...they were blackmailing me to file a complaint ...again and again ...and i paid them...then they provided me second work and as i was working... they called me again on 21 may and asked me to pay 9550 to close the case or come to aurangabad for that matter...because i was having my papers in june...and i cant go there again i paid them money...and at last i was left with no money in my pocket...know i dont have rs. Even for eating..however i borrowed money from my friends and was surviving..and again today one madam called me saying my case is forwarded to them and to her i told that i have paid all the money...but she continues talking in a bad way...and phone was disconnected...plz help me to come out of this....plz...otherwise i will be having no choice and i have to commit sucide...i m left with no options...plz help me


Himanshu jain 6 months ago


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