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Eureka Forbes - Frod ,give me old piss

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  Joshi haresh on 14 Dec 2019

Hi my name is harish bhai joshi I purchase eureka forbs company vacume cleaner machine Xfotce last 28 jan 2019 , company area sales manager mr irfan sindhi mobile number +917359850205 came at my office and show me demo piss And he take 10700 check from me ,,, After 2 hour he came and give me old model 2017 piss From any other location palanpur ,,already in our city there r two dealer ,but he give me any other location dealer name (arasuri ) mobile number 098980 56818 He did not give me bill ,,,and also give me old model ,,2017,, price rs 9400 ,,he cheat with me ,,he take 1300 rs extra from me and also give old demo model piss ,there is problem service piss ,,i have trobal last one year but there is no solution I call mr irfan ,,but he not respons me ,he not give any satisfied answer ,,i told he why you give me old model and demo piss and why you take extra 1300 hunded rupees ,but he not received my call What can I do ,,the vaccume machine is already old model ,,and demo piss ,,and also with cable problem ,,, I pay rs 10700 with check and 1300 extra on mrp He cheat with me , I pay 2019 model but he give me old 2017 model Demo repairs piss

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