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RD 10 Apr 2019

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Hi, I am using Excitel internet services in Hyderabad from last 3-4 months @ 100MBPS plan and took it for 6 months it’s almost been 4 months but I never experienced atleast 50mbps of speed till now. Mostly I experienced a speed of 20-30 mbps max. Probably when ever you are not getting the speed i I have to call them and wait for 24 hours then they will increase to 40 mbps that is the maximum. I have raised N number of tickets but no one has resolved it till now but they send me a confirmation message that the ticket had been resolved. Presently my internet wire is not getting connected to my laptop and the WiFi router, raised a complaint regarding this they said they will send a technician but till now I have registered another 2 complaints just to inform them that they did not send a technician and my internet is not working from 4 days. They never care what you say they will do what they are interested in. I am gonna paste few of the tickets raised please check if required.Ticket no253625228823229464228823249950I have paid full amount for 6 months. I am not even fond of money I just need internet at my home because there are people who work from home and we have to go to our neighbors to use internet because of this fraudulent services. Please kindly do the needed.

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