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RD 13 Feb 2020

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Got a call from a company o tech. Mac2cap `app` captcha work... About a part-time job which involved entering 10000 captchas within 10 days in which 90% has to be correct and told that there are few vacancies left in this job. So, when i accepted the job, they had sent me two links, one of which opened to an app and they called me and asked to upload my photo and signature, aadhar card. Within a few minutes, i got a mail from them saying that you signed an agreement (Which i`m unaware of) that you are liable to pay 6900 inr in the event of not reaching 90% accuracy. Then i called them to cancel the agreement, they said me you have to pay 6900, now there are asking me pay 11month agreement amount 35000 you must pay.and they are calling from an lawyer and the message is This Intimation LETTER Informs you That FAM Technology has filed a case under the SECTION of 73-74-75 of INDIAN contract ACT 1872 for contract breach against you as under law that mention on THE AGREEMENT that if you have not SUCCEEDED ON YOUR JOB or NOT COMPLETED Then YOU HAVE TO PAY THE PENALTY AMOUNT. SECTION 73. imposes a duty on the party seeking damages to mitigate its loss , SECTION 74. Compensation for breach of contract where penalty stipulated for When a contract has been broken, SECTION 75. Party rightfully rescinding contract, entitled to compensation A person who rightfully rescinds a contract is entitled to consideration for any damage which he has sustained through the non-fulfillment of the contract. IPC SECTION :- SECTION-406-Punishment for criminal breach of trust.—Whoever commits criminal breach of trust shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to three years, or with fine, or with both. SECTION-406- Break the trust of contract.. The above section are implement on you regarding you did not full-fill the terms and condition of your agreement.. So as you are not full fill THE AGREEMENT RULE,So that The COMPANY has take the help of LEGAL PROCEEDS for his COMPENSATION.So pay the amount as per AGREEMENT,So pay the amount as soon as possible to CLOSE YOUR FILE,IF the case being filed against you then you have in big loss of money for the LEGAL PROCEDURE. Case Type :- Agreement Breaching Case Status :- Approved Case register :- Under Section 37 & 73, 74, 75 and 420 Advocate Associates. Adv. Mayur Joshi 6359618002 Please help me to resolve this case

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