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Fini Technology - Frauds Me

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  Pawan Kumar on 5 Mar 2019

Fini Technology — forces to pay rs. 36000/- or i will send ur file in court Mar 5, 2019 They are given me work15 days 150 .Then I have called him say this is not impossible in 15 days.Then she call me after 15 days and say to according to there agreement rs 12910/- given to me & for cancel agreement given to 25510/- . I gave them 38420. After paying they give me No objection Certificate but after one day they alled me come in maharastra today for signature & if u not came then given to me 36000 If u not give me then I filled ur case in Maharashtra court. Please help me. What can I do... My mobile number is 8415900883. Every day calling me whose number is 078410 06994

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