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Freelancer - Online data entry work with "Freelancer" company name

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  Mohammed Khaja babu on 9 Jan 2020

Maneedeeop Freelancer, He called and given work 500 images conversation to PDF Not asking money, after work completed and submitted, qc report came 96.6% $$ Now real game start $$ For credit my salary need to open "Freelancer Wallet" he told to open need to pay ₹1585/_ i paid Then to get "to generate Wallet otp need to pay ₹3146/- i paid, finally pay roll section person called me and confirmed my date of birth after confirmed he told, you have ₹1386/- out standing amount you need to clear that immediatly, otherwise your salary ₹25,000/- ₹3`146/- ORC Refundable amount Cannot process So i paid again ₹1386 As I paid he switch off the mobile I have attached massage s and payment ids Plz do the needful Fraud persons mob no Mani Deep Freelancer-+919985765116 His name came in phonepay- "kaniganipalli anjinamma " Payroll person +919885902846 His name in Paytm-N bharadwaj Plz see all transactions screen shotshere

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