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RD 12 Mar 2020

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I got a call from this company on 10 Decemberber and they told me that i have applied for data entry job on quickr they told me that they will pay 20 rs on each corrected form and 1200 forms will be provided to you that you have complete in 8 days and should have an accuracy of 90% if not i"ll have to pay rs 4300/- as i needed job i signed this agreement. I completed the form filling with accuracy within the given period i. E on 19th dec. i completed the form filling in 8 days and submitted it, later 20 dec 2019 i got a call saying that ur forms has been rejected by just 5% and u have to pay rs 6100/- for recorrection and further submission and u will get your salary in 2 hours i. E. Rs 20, 000/- but i have made multiple login and if want to clear that i have to pay 7500. . Once again I have to pay 7500/- with Google pay for multiple login error issue. I called the person who called me for this job but he didn`t replied. After that i thought it was a fraud and i forgot whatever happened because i knew that i won`t get my salary. After 3 days i got a call from one person sujit joshi told me that the company is going to take legal against me if i didn`t pay 7500 because i didn`t submitted the form with 90% accuracy. They were continuously threatening me of taking legal action if i didn`t paid the said amount. Their advocate minaz is sending me legal notice and all. Please help me i want to get out of all this matter. i have to pay rs 13600/- for continuing it. I was frightened a little bit and didnt know what to do. My friends advised me that this is all fake and dont get into this. And then one fine day i am reciving a mail by a fake lawyer that i have violated the contract and have to pay for no reason again. But in the contract it has been written clearly if i am not able to complete forms with given accuracy then the contract will be terminated with immediate effect.

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