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Global captcha services - Froud job call

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  Pooja G on 31 Aug 2019

Received a call from 8657585737 who said I`ll be paid 22500 at the end of 10 days on completing 10000 captchas solving as a work from home/part time job. They asked me for my ID proof & email id via whatsapp and I sent them the photo of my aadhar card. I then got an online agreement with 100 rs stamp that i had to sign digitally. I did. Then I got a verification call from 7229018773 and I was asked to confirm my agreement orally ( I have an audio recording). After all this, I began googling csr captcha company and I found many fraud complaints lodged saying they are receiving threat calls from their lawyers to pay 5000 rs. I don`t want to get into this trouble!!! Is a digitally signed online agreement enforceable by law!!??? And why are these fraud people getting to call us so freely. They claimed to reach me via shine.com

Complaint has been resolved sucessfully.


Bunty kumar 2 weeks ago

Contact royalspata @gmail.com He can help you

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