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RD 18 Feb 2020

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There is website of Gujju Deals, they deal in selling Iphones & Watches, recently they started online earning platform, wherein you have to pay 5000 & then you can earn 1000-1200 daily. So i paid 5000 & later they informed me to whatsapp on 7432008011 number, i messaged Mr.Rakesh he gave me a link & informed me i have to invest Rs.100 & then i will get double the money, so i said i already paid 5000 so he said it was consultation charges , you need to take a plan & then you`ll get double amount, so i invested 100 & then he gave me 202rps back, later next day he said he has a deal of 5000 & on that i will get 9000 so i said no for that, later he said i can invest 10000 & i will get 21000 so i thought its a nice plan so i transferred 10000 & he said i will get 21000 in 30mins, now it is 6 days i have not received any money, he has blocked me from Instagram & on whatsapp he is offline all the time. If i can him his phone is not reachable & day before yesterday he told me to invest 5000 more & total he will give me 35000 , i dint transfer i told him to pay me 21000 first but is not giving me any money.

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