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I tech captcha project Maharashtra - I TECH

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  Monica on 23 May 2019

I applied for work from home jobs and then I received their call. After that they told their work that was filling 10000 captcha in 10 days. After that they asked for details and signature but they never mrnyioned of any contract being made on my behalf. After that due to some network issues as we had been struck by the cyclone fani I was unable to complete the work. They then started harassing me by sending mails messages and even calls by a person claiming himself to be Anuj Patel an advocate but when asked about the solution he directly told me to pay a certain amount to the company. But my question is if you guys are legit than why there are so many fraud and scam reports on your company. Please help as their last message states that my court case has been initiated.

Complaint has been resolved sucessfully.

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