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I TECH - Online fraud

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Ka Katla nagaraju on 3 Feb 2020

Captcha fraud Sir i am nagaraj katla,student i am searching for online part time job at that time my friend suggested this work I was made an offer for 10000 captcha entry in 10 days with 90% accuracy if acheived i"ll receive 22, 500 and 5000 will be deducted as registration fee but if fails then penalty of 5000 will be imposed. They copy pasted my signature on the agreement through manipulating me by saying that they need it for an app activation and when i asked for cancellation of registration they threatened me of taking legal actions and forceably made me agree for the job. It`s been a day since i am working. I enquired and found others are also trapped by the company doing this.. They don`t update reports timely my work completion not showing... They will again threaten me as others in the name of work inaccuracy and loss to company as they have did to others.

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