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Indigo Airlines - Harrased by indigo counter staff

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Su Susobhan Gayen on 9 Jan 2020

whatever luggage i was carrying was having some extra weight and was asked to pay the extra amount and i agreed the same and they asked me to pay in cash but as i was not having any i said i will pay by card but they were kept emphasising on cash and asked to go from one counter to another saying machine is not working and asking other counter member to do the transaction and then i was asked to go to counter number 15 where i was kept on waiting for my payment to be done from 3:30PM to 4:30PM and that lady did not completed the transaction and kept me waiting and at the last moment at 4:30 PM IST she cancelled the boarding pass saying you guys cannot board the flight as you are late. I was being harassed from one counter to another. Being an international airport and being in privileged airplane business indigo don`t have any machine to collect the amount rather than asking for cash? I agreed to pay the amount but your executive at airport was not having any option to take the amount other than cash. Thanks Susobhan Gayen

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