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INFONEX - Fraud by captcha work 0

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S S M Umar Farooq on 21 Jan 2020

Dea Sir I have applied for part time job.One persone was callled me.He said the he is giving to you online captcha work.They had taken my aadhar card ,signature and photo for aggreement. I was completely un aware about the agrement and company.They provided me a software mac2cap. I did the work in this they provide me id and password.I have completed the work in 1st id. But they shown many mistake in work i have done.They have charged me 9400 as work not completed and 18800 for security for nex 2 id`s.But as i have started the work in 2nd id there was same problem.They were showing many mistake.I have entered the captcha with very carefully.Then i checked online about the company that was fraud and done fraud with many people. Now they said to me that if you will not pay full amount of agreement they have taken legal action against me. Please help me.The agreement they have signed to me is attached below

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