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Infra data technology - Threatening or bullying calls from them

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GA GADI UDAYA KUMAR on 16 Jan 2020

I have a phone call from infra data technology mumbai. they are given one of the job opportunity to me that is home based data entry work based on my interest, 1000 forms fill up with in 10 days otherwise you should pay 4000 RS/- . they asked me, you are interested or not, I told them I am interested in this job then, they are sent me a digitaliged 100 RS/- aggrement bond paper, then I was aggreed by receiving otp sign without knowing very well, later I was started work after 3 days the website was not working, I think it`s my fault after 10 days time completed they are called me back on16.1.2020, but I do`nt know when they are called me, then I saw it a message in my phone that is, if you ca`nt lift your phone legal actions are taken against you, threatening calls are coming from them like, police case initiate on you and you should pay immediately 4000 RS/- otherwise your future benefits will stopped like credit card bank loans etc.. are cancelled so, this is what they are told me so please help me

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