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JP solutions - Money Fraud

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  Shobhandev Choubey on 8 Jan 2020

I applied for an part time job. So one day i recieved a call regarding a job at JP Solutions to watch online videos for 10 days which I`ll be paid Rs 12500. I agreed for it. Then i was told to give my address proof, so I sent my Aadhar details to them. Then i was received a mail with login ID and password and also an advisory notice with a legal pdf mentioned that if i anyhow leave the job i have to pay a sum of 5000. So i thought of leaving the work and tried to contact the lady who called me regarding the job but couldn`t contact her. After a few days i recieved a call saying that i left the work without informing the company, so i have to pay Rs 5000. When I denied of paying them, they threatened me of sending a legal notice which i left very casually. Then after few months again the calls began and was threatened of paying the penalty elsewhere i have to come to the court for settlement and then pay an amount of 1 lakh. So to close the matter I paid 5000 to them but then again they told me to pay Rs 7950 to remove some sections imposed upon me. And was also instructed that if i dont pay before 5 PM I`ll be sent an legal notice for which i have to pay 1 lakhs for each section. So i did the same. Again they called and started telling that a sum of Rs 8950 is to be made for settlement of the matter outside the court. After consulting a friend regarding these legal conditions, i realised about the fraud happened with me. Kindly help me get the paid amount.

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