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Justdial - Complaint to block special number

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Pa Paramasivam SathisKumar on 28 Dec 2019

Already lodged complaint through this website regard Justdial special number blocking. Received call from Justdial Executive (Brainwash Specialist). No use of his speach. Commited to take request regarding block special number. Still the problem is alive. About a week ago. Highly disappointed and getting tired of blocking special number from our side manually more than 5 times. No proper response from justdial. Complaint registered by Justdial.com is mentioned as "complaint closed". Leads are stoped from that day. No lead SMS from complaint date. If anyone planning to pay for justdial service, kindly google about complaints about justdial. Better choose sulekha. Very poor service and fake commitments from executives. They concentrate only demanding payment for higher plans.

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