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Keromnics Jobs Ground Floor - 17, Kalpataru Colony, Vidhuti Hall Lane, Vapi Gujarat -396191, Pardi, Gujarat, India - FRAUD and BLACKMAILING Innocent Unemployed People AFTER DIGITAL SIGNING FRAUD AGreement

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Respected Sir i applied for online job i Get a call today 18 Jan 2020 from keronics jobs 72229039296 .She told me to offer a job I tell i will do she tell send your picture and ID (Driving License) My Phone number .Now she told me open gmail link is send click on it i follow procedure she create a license agreement without my permission and tell do CAPTCHA Typing job when i get company information in internet its all fraud so i decided to terminate agreement I call on 72229039296 she told me you can`t terminate you have signed legal agreement and start BLACKMAILING Me you have to pay 13000Rs and start BLACKMAILING ME Otherwise the company lodge complaints against me....LEgal notice will be lodge against me I Not Even START THIS JOB They start Blackmailing Me. I decide to search in google about the company its totally fake most of the consumer lodge complaints against them.No action Is taken.they are making people fools.... Here are some victim https://www.consumercomplaints.in/keronics-jobs-fraud-online-agreement-captcha-work-c2559328 https://www.grahakcomplaints.in/keronics-jobs-fraud-keronics-blackmailing-me--578/ This company not Even exist they are making People Fools Company NAME : Keronics Jobs(Vapi Gujrat) Company Phone Number: 7285800488,7229039296,9998872698 Company Mail ID help.captcha01@gmail.com,szara713@gmail.com

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