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Mac2 cap - Fraud online work company

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  Monika Sharma on 30 Jan 2020

Monika sharma I got a call from+919924020850 NETWORK to work on mac2cap app Which involved entering 10000 captcha within 10 days and in which 90% has to be correct. When I accepted the job, they asked me to send my adhar card and mobile number on a Whatsapp number +919924020850And when I had sent it, they had sent me two links, one of which opened to an app and they asked me to upload my signature on it. Then they filed an agreement without my permission and I got a mail from the company that if I fail to complete the work or fail to achieve accuracy then I have to pay Rs 6900 penalty amount to company. I also got user id and password to login on Mac2Cap app. When I started working on it I found it difficult to work. They had not given me my work report when I was typing captcha. They told that they will send it in the evening. I received a call on 30/01/2020 no9998900720 advo to pay panlity 6900otherwise they will take legal action against me. I want to cancel my agreement without paying any amount to them. Please take quick action against them and resolve this issue quickly. Monika sharma


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