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Mac2cap captcha code - Fraud in name of captcha work

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Va Varun gowda on 2 Feb 2020

They got all my docs, don`t knw what`s gonna happen,, I`m not afraid of them,, I`ll make them pay for their work,, I`ll wait and c what action you will take on that fraud,,, I`ve already submitted agreement copy and the audio and video msg they sent,, Everything is fraud can`t trust anything,, we apply and trust them so that we could get job,,,bt they r using it for there purpose,,, The girl called me her name is kushi mishra,, 7265009997. Same scenes as others said,, 10000 captcha project to complete in 10bdays to get 30000,, 6900 will be deducted as reg fees from 1sr payment,,if failed to complete job,, has to pay reg fees,, fuck it I`ll pay them my d***. Already we are unemployed now we became foolish,,no one has to worry about there money,, After these much of grahak complaints,,I wish govt will take action,, or else ban all type of online works,,,

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