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MTK Services, Aurangabad, Maharastra - Harassment

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This company had given me work , took my aadhaar card on july 9, 2019 and gave me work on the target base. 1500 forms to be pasted,I could not complete the work as it was their play as nobody could complete that work. On the 11th day they told me that your work is not done so you have to pay 4900/- . I paid them 4900/- after that they sent me NOC letter. Now they are again calling me telling you have to pay 5000/- more. Please solve my matter, One Mr. Niraj Gupta called me from mob no. 0875857251 on 3.2.2020 asking for money or you will have red mark. On 7.2.2020 again Mr.Ashok Desai called mob no. 07359457937 . Please solve my problem. LATHIKA UNNIKRISHNAN

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