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N Tech - Asking for money

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  Aric Chakma on 23 Jul 2019

A few days back I got a call from a guy name Harry. He asked me if I want to do captcha filling job and I agreed. After I agreed a girl called me saying if I fill 10,000 captchas in 10 days I`ll earn ₹22,500. They asked me for my aadhar card and I gave them. After a few minutes without my knowledge they created a fake agreement and are threatening me if I don`t complete the work in ten days I have to pay ₹5000 penalty. I immediately knew it was a fraud company. I`ve read a lot of complaints about the same compamy on here. They will come after me and ask for money. Please help me. I have mental health issues and these people are torturing me. Please do something soon. I beg of you. Thank you.

Complaint has been resolved sucessfully.

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