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Nike India - Shoe replacement under warranty

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  Sanjeev Dhingra on 5 Dec 2019

We have purchased a pair of kids shoes (Nike) on 27th June 2019 from the company outlet (jail road Janak puri ,New Delhi west) and the payment was paid by cash.The entire sole pasting of the shoe got detached and loosen its grip only after 4 months of use and it has warranty of six months against any manufacturing defect so we complained the same for its replacement but they denied to replace it as we are not having the copy of purchase bill.We told them to check their system for the duplicate bill but they refused to do so, as the franchise owner of store is now changed and have no records of purchase before august 2019.They suggested to complaint online but it doesn’t work.Now its been over 45 days we have mailed them and requested to verify the purchase from their end as its a system generated invoice must be there in company’s record (centralised).Please help us n guide the best possible way. Thank you

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