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  ASHUTOSH MISHRA on 26 Jan 2020

My name is Ashutosh Mishra. I applied for a part time job at Quiker com. I get an onlineworksjob.com which is from Surat Gujarat to give a part time job of online data entry on 11.01.2020 when I ask them to give Rs 28000 in exchange for filling 400 forms in seven days. Only clarified that if I am not able to work, then I will not be asked for any money later, then he did not say that you are not sure after this, he asked Voter ID WhatsApp Or messaged me by making ID and password, then I worked for a few days till then I saw about it on YouTube and Google site, then it came to know that this is a group of thugs and they all trap people in this way and make money. Then the same thing has started happening to me, a lawyer is calling on behalf of the company and messaging me to file a case in the name of a fake High Court and is harassing me mentally, whose number is 8130824301. And the company number is 9667878753, so you are requested to take action against them as soon as possible, and such thugs should be sent to jail so that such black businesses can be closed. In future, no one else gets caught in such clutches.

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