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Onway solution - Fraud company.. Fraud agreement..

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As Ashish Kumar on 6 Jan 2020

I had received a call from Onway Solutions for work from home option. They did not share much about the client and the work. My details were taken and they sent me an agreement which was fake. I later checked the company on Google and found nothing apart from being a fake and fraud company. They later sent me some work in a file on mail which. The file dint open and when I tried contacting them their numbers were not reachable. After few days I started receiving calls and notices from a fake lawyer that if I dint pay them Rs.7500, they will issue a summon against me. I tried explaining them the matter but they forced me to pay them Rs.7500 and they told me that I will receive a call from their NOC department that I will not be charged anything later. But the very next day, I received a call again from their NOC department asking for another Rs. 11000. They threaten a lot saying that they will issue a summon. This is a fake company. There is no website of this company. There is no address or any phone number mentioned anywhere. I have raised this complaint against this fake and fraud company. The fake lawyer who keeps calling me and threaten me is Mayur Joshi.

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