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PWM company - Harrasment

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  Deepak Kumar on 1 May 2019

Hi I am Deepak Kumar Sonnof Rajesh Kumar Resident old Post Office Street Zira one day on Google I searched for part time jobs on which I get into contact with employee Mb. 9081518080 and 9714450960 working in this company on th April 2019 within 5 minutes she sent all the details and agreement without giving me time of thinking to join their company and start the work i e filling 900 forms in 9 days other wise you pay RS 4700/- on second day she send me link on my email Id and provided me user id No C1804201941428 password yhFFj . Next day i send .message on her whatsap No. 9714450960 On dt. 18/4/2019 that i am nit feeling well last night my bp is very low. Dr. Consylted me complefe bed rest. So cancel my agreement. then I got a call and emailmassages from a number which he acclaimed himself as a criminal lawer ( Mr. Atul Patel contact no. 7719040682) saying they have done a complaint against me for not complete work. they were also saying and threatening they will take legal action against me then I searched Google and got to know they are harassing a lot of people. please look into this matter and let others do not go through the same. Please help me for solve this matter . Thanks

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