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RD 16 Jul 2019

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This is a fraud company. An advocate of this company may be fake advocate is black mailing me to pay money. This company reached me for a Work from home work. They provided me a software in which I have to fill 10000 captcha in 10 days and if I filled this then they will pay me 23000 and they will cut 5000 from this amount for the registration. The app they provided was not working properly. I called the helpline no. they provided many times but that no. is not reachable. The advocate was threatening me to complaint a file in the court. So I paid them 5100 Rs. and told them that I`ll not continue the work. I want to opt out. He asked me to pay 30000 Rs. to opt out. I am a student so I can`t able to pay them. They filed a charge against me. This company is total fraud. I have seen many complaints on internet from yesterday about this company named PXV Technology Ltd. I want to sort out this matter and if possible then I want my money back. There are many reviews about fraud about this company. Please help.

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