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Shaha Finlease - Harassment messages from credit card company to declare wilful defaulter

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Sa Saraswathi on 1 Jan 2020

My father availed credit card in 2010 from standard chartered , as cleared all payment in same year and had asked for no due certificate staff who promised never got back. It`s been 9 years now we are getting harassment call saying that payment 55lakhs due. My father says that card limit itself was around 15000 and cleared all payment and since its almost 9 years so he as thrown all the bills. I spoke to executive and tried explaining her but she was not ready to listen to me nor ready to give the details. Now we are getting watsapp messages saying that he are adding your name cibil as wilful defaulter. We took card from standard chartered and we are getting call from shaha Finlease ie. , standard chartered as sold there business to shaha Finlease. My complaint is we have not left any due why should we pay them. They said they will issue no due certificate and didn`t do it which is standard chartered bank mistake due to which 15000 limit card is showing 55 lakh due. Secondly we are not getting details from the executive instead she is trying to deviate the solution to problem again she was too rude and also sending harassment message saying that my father name will be added in cibil as wilful defaulter. So I request you to resolve this issue and help us get no due certificate.

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