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Shubh Samridhi Multiservices Private Limited - High Level Loan Scam

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  RAJESH DHARMARAJ on 21 Mar 2020

One of the very very worst loan fraud company. They will initially approach you for loans, then they will ask for login fee of 6500. I[censored] pay that they will send you receipt and act as if they are genuine . But later that will send documents by courier to fill and notarize after you finish everything and resend it back they will start their foulplay. They will not respond to you properly. They will give lame reasons and prolong the date. I am a victim of this scam company. There is a people named Iqbal Sheik, Kamlendra Singh, Yashpal Singh etc..They wil act like innocent. But they are the key people who will politely and gently brainwash us by giving fake promises which they will never keep up. These are the one who will play this foulplay and out the blame on the investors or lenders. It`s my humble request, plz don`t apply for loan in this company. Also many of the reviews here are really fake. Please don`t fall for prey in this LOAN SCAM COMPANY. I HAVE ALL THE VOICE RECORD AND CHAT HISTORY WHICH WAS MADE BETWEEN ME AND THIS COMPANY REPRESENTATIVES. I can produce it anywhere and anytime if required. I am a victim of this Shubh Samridhi Multiservices Private Limited, High End Loan Scammers. Please don`t fall for this trap..

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