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RD 23 Sep 2019

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Submit Complaint Search Companies, Complaints × Complaint Details Theehomeshop - Misselling and Fraud 0 Review Rahul Kumar on 3 May 2019 Submit Complaint Representative of Theehomeshop called me on 02.05.2019 and told that they have launched new online shopping website and as a promotional activity, they are calling selected numbers and offering them confirmed free gift on purchase of any item under their special deals with price ranging Rs. 500 to Rs. 1000. Their confirmed price was any one item amongst 3: 1. Lenovo laptop 8th generation; 2. Sony Bravia TV 55inch; 3. Apple iphone. While talking to them, i visited their website and ordered a John Player white shirt and paid Rs. 599/- receipt of which i have with me. Thereafter, that lady told me that now i will surely get any one of the above as free gift along with my shirt and their free gift team will contact me within 24 hours. Today, i.e. on 03.05.2019 received a call from this company and their representative told me that they are calling me from free gift team of for sending my free gift for the yesterday purchase and told me that i have won 2nd prize i.e. Sony Bravia 55inch led tv with Market Price Rs. 119000/- as free gift. Till then the things were fine but after that they told me that 18% GST will be levied on above tv price and i have to pay 6% of gst and remaining 12% will be paid by their company and they will also refund me that 6% after receipt of that money. Now there they are starting cheating their customers and doing open fraud in the market with their website As a person of legal background, i am aware that there is no such provision in GST that tax will be levied on free gifts and further, 6% out of total 18% will be paid by customer and remaining 12% will be paid by company and after receipt of 6%, company will return me that 6%. They are looting the public by this fraud. I have recorded their telecom and will be produced before authority on demand. This company / website should be stopped immediately and should be issued direction to provide free gift to customers as committed without any single penny or advance receipt. Will provide payment receipt and telecom transcript on demand. Pls help

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