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U co Bank - Irregular rate of interest on home loan

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Na Nabagour Mondal on 2 Jan 2020

Respected Sir, I have a Home loan at UCo bank Kamarhati, Kolkata branch of Rs 12,00,000 since 2013. Another loan of Rs 10,00,000 since 2017. Though rate of interest decrease but till date first loan is calculating @9.80 and 2nd loan @8.8. In this communication I have reported several time. But no response came out. At last 12 December 19 sunbimitted a written application but not getting any reply from bank I personally met with Bank manager on 23rd December 19. But Manager also failed to justify the abnormal rate of interest in both loan. She told me to wait up to 15 January 2020. Under the circumstances you are requested to enquire rate of from the beginning and who will be responsible for extra cutting money. Otherwise I would like to go another way to get justice. Nabagour Mondal Mobile no -9475934116. S/B a/c no 01870110053010

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