Unicorn Infosolution pvt. Ltd. (Authorised apple service centre) - Damage/loss to mobile when given for service (Apple Iphone)

RD 19 Nov 2019

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Dear sir, This is to bring to your kind attention, notice and action that I am currently in possession of Iphone 8 plus 64 GB which was purchased in Sept, 2018. There was some issue with the Potrait mode of the back camera of the iphone so I went to the Unicorn Apple service centre, Himalaya Mall Ahmedabad (which is 35 kms far from my reaidence) to get it checked.l within my warranty period. The service person told me that indeed there is some issue in the camera and they will order a new camera kit for me. The camera kit came after 3 days and I again went back to the service centre to get it installed. After the new camera kit was installed, I went back home after the service person assured me of its perfect working. Being a non technical person and an ardent believer of apple products and service, I went back home. Later in the night, electricity went out at my home and When I tried to switch on the torch, I found that neither the torch nor the flash was working. First thing the next morning, I immediately called the service centre and informed them about this mishap. They immediately accepted that yes while installation of the new camera kit, there might have been some issue with the flash so come back again and we will check it. So for the third time, I travelled a distance of 35 kms to get my flash checked. They took my phone for 30 minutes to open it and check the hardware issue. After coming back they told me that yes there is some issue with the flash and we are going to order a new camera kit again. But when I checked the phone, I reaklised that the facetime camera is not working!!!! When I informed this issue to the concerned person, they told me that while opening the phone, something might have gone wrong which will be taken care of when the camera kit will be replaced. So I came back after 3 days when the new camera arrived (to fix the flash not working issue mainly) and when I waited 3 hrs to get it replaced, after 3 hrs the service person told me that: 1. FLASH ISSUE IS NOT RESOLVED 2. SELFIE CAMERA/FACETIME CAMERA IS NOT WORKING 3. REAR CAMERA HAS ALSO STOPPED WORKING BECUASE THE PHONE WAS OPENED AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, we cannot help you as it is a hardware issue which we are not able to resolve. Now as a customer, I cannot get my phone opened outside by any other party other than authorised service center and service center Says that they cannot help me. And There is no way that this can be resolved. I am facing issues due to something which is completely done due to the careless attitude of the service centre executive who are in competent to resolve technical issues or it is an intentional act to extort money from the customers. This is sheer negligence or maybe intentional or fraudulent act by the service centre to fool the customers by taking out the original parts from the apple products. I am extremely irritated and disappointed by this repeat service for which I am facing so may issues and have to travel multiple times by taking off from my office. KINDLY GIVE YOUR Urgent intervention in this matter and help me at the earliest.

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