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Viral Vista - Merch Land

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  Debalina Das on 8 Jan 2020

This site is fraud.. I have ordered a mobile gimple at rs 1739 and they send me a normal mobile selfie stick which can cost hardly Rs 100.. I contacted them they told there is a mistake from their packing department and they told me to send the product image and i did and they assured within 24 hours i will receive my money back.. This happened yesterday means on 7th january 2020 and when i called them back today in the morning at 11:00 am they told u will receive the amount in 30 mins.. But nothing such happened after waiting of 2 hours i called them many a times but they didn`t picked up.. this is the way they do the fraud. below mentioned proof of the website and bill also the courier delivery boy nymber is 8240075048

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