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Zabava Business Solutions Pvt Ltd - Fake consultants with fake interviews by Zabava Business Solutions Pvt Ltd

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  Satyajit Nandi on 14 Feb 2020

Lost Rs.1,00,000/- to the fake consultant Zabava Business Solutions Pvt Ltd, Address:- 75C, Park Street, 11th Floor, Kolkata-700017. Beware of Pompa Ghosh (Mobile-8697581356) & Rashi Ghosh (Mobile-8336937144). Fake consultants with fake interviews Myself is a highly experienced professional engineer looking for a job change. In the month of May 2019, got a mail from Zabava HR consultants followed by a call next day. One Pompa Ghosh (Mobile-8697581356) told me that, my profile was very good and few of her clients showed interest in my profile for the post of "Chief Operating Officer" and I was asked to come over to their office in Park Street, Calcutta. I reached their office on 16th May 2019. She repeatedly asked me to register with them by paying money around Rs. 20000/- & after which she’ll line up for interview. I didn’t have enough cash, paid Rs. 1000 & on 18th May 2019 paid balance swiped my credit card. Then Pompa took my signature on some agreement but she complete this arrangement so fast so that I could not read what was written on that paper. Then, I was asked to walk to CIS Group 200 m away from their office. So-called office address is, Shree Manhari Building, 1/1, Camac Street, 4th Floor, Kolkata - 70016 with a fake website http://www.cisgroup.net.in/. (Only a single page website and it is 100% fake). It was a one man interview in a 4’x6’ chamber & interviewer Mr. Amitava Chakraborty (Mobile-9339805585) was very much impressed with my profile (not even a single question asked relevant to past experience) and asked me to submit a DIR (Digital Information Report) in consultation with the Zabava consultant. Another person from CIS Group, never faced him, over phone (Mobile-9748210404), was pushing me to prepare that document immediately from Zabava only and submit as early as possible. Back to Zabava, again Pompa asked me to pay Rs.15000/- for this and that the report will be sent to me in a week. The next day she fixed an interview with a Panas Group, address is, The Legacy, Level 1, 25A, Shakespeare Sarani, Room No 141, Kolkata 700017. This is also a fake website http://www.panasgroup.in/ (Only a single page website and it is 100% fake). There is also one man interview in a 4’x4’ chamber & interviewer Mr. Nidhis Bhattacharya (Mobile-9958800950). He also didn’t ask any question but ask me to prepare Career Assessment Report (CAR) through Zabava Consultant and to submit. Again I paid lot of money to Pompa of Zabava for that. Then after few days she asked me to visit Starline Group for interview. It’s address was, RDB Boulevard, 8th Floor, Unit - D, Plot Nr. K-1, Block-EP & GP Sector V Kolkata 700 091 with a fake website http://www.starlinegroup.co.in/ (Only a single page website and it is 100% fake). Again same, one man interview in a small chamber & interviewer is Mr. J. Arya. He also didn’t ask any question but ask me to prepare Behavioural Assessment Report again through Zabava. So, again I paid lot of money. Again after few days, Pompa arranged another interview with Infinikey Group for interview. It’s address was, Arcadia Center - 31 Dr Ambedkar Sarani, 4th Floor, Topsia, Kolkata with a fake website http://infinikeygroup.co.in/ (Only a single page website and it is 100% fake). Here I found two interviewers, Mr. Imran & B. Ranjan (Mobile-9831396840) again in a small chamber. Without any relevant question, he asked me to submit some document again through Zabava. Again, I lost huge money. Then after some months when there is no response came from any of those, I visited Zabava office to make complain. There one Rashi Ghosh (Mobile 8336937144), so called Sr. Officer, intervene me that, I am selected in all four companies and they will immediately arrange for final interview. I trusted her and came back. Unfortunately, till today no response came from those four companies (CIS Group, Starline Group, Panas Group, Infinikey Group). Understood they have cheated me. Actually those are all fake companies and fake promise from Zabava Consultants. All are under same umbrella and looting huge amount of money from innocent candidates. Steps for cheating are, Zabava will send candidates to them, fake interview will be arranged & will ask to submit some document which Zabava will prepare and take huge amount of money from the innocent candidates. Satyajit Nandi Kolkata Mobile:- +918902175448 & +919051636236

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