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AMAZON INDIA - Cheated for a DSLR and harrased extremely withinsult and threat by K. S. Retailer

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  Sounak Halder on 4 Dec 2019

Hi. This is to inform you that I have purchased a DSLR Combo pack on 1st November which was supposed to be delivered on 10-12 days but suddenly on 8th Nov I saw that its showing as Delivered. The seller (K.S.Retailer) contacted me once on 1st Nov when I requested for Invoice and I saved the number. On the next day (9th Nov) when I contacted the seller for the details (Showing as delivered but I have not received the product), the seller said that its a technical glitch and I will get the product on time (around 15th Nov), Till then I have contacted the seller several times (By mail, sms, phone call) and as of now, my understanding is he is completely lying and blaming me (as my phone was not reachable hence the product not delivered, my address was not found hence the product not delivered) etc. As per my understanding he is not willing to deliver the product. Amazon team and the seller both offered me for cash refund which I am not at all interested to. I have an upcoming family tour for which I have purchased this by tracking the price of the product for long to get the best deal, hence I am not at all ready to compromise. I WANT THE PRODUCT (brand new) ALONG WITH THE ACCESSORIES (WHICH I HAVE ORDERED) BY THURSDAY EOD (28TH Nov 2019) AND ALSO PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT I DO NOT NEED TO CHANGE IT (WRONG PRODUCT, PARTS MISSING, DAMAGE, DEFECTIVE ETC). Please find the attached file for the necessary details and requesting for a super fast delivery so that I do not need to purchase an another camera for my family trip.

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